International tennis academy for all ages – Zürich, Switzerland

Program description

This program refers to the complete player's analysis, from the work on the court, and training, to the particular performance in the match (modern analysis and programs, periodization that player must adhere, systematic analysis of the play, video).

We give the analysis of the players in written form, according to our Academy program. It includes: what players skipped in their career, at which level players are at the moment, how their further development should look like. The program enables them to reach their goals and provides them with answers to many questions they ask themselves – we convey our experience and knowledge and provide guidance.

Through analysis and testing we reveal to players:

- WHY they reached the limit, balls don't go where they want, they lack speed, control, precision...
- HOW to deal with the atmosphere of a match, pressure, emotions, concentration…
- WHY they are tired of losing, don’t see the progress, have made too many mistakes so far, and don't know the cause, they don't play matches the way they play in practice
- WHY do they lose matches and where they make mistakes while preparing for tournaments
- STEPS that are skipped in their development.