International tennis academy for all ages – Zürich, Switzerland

"Be the best version of yourself: learn, improve and develop your skills every day!"

Why Bozovic Tennis Academy?

Bozovic Tennis Academy sets the following parameters: trust, respect, understanding, discipline, and professionalism!

Children and the Academy become a family with the atmosphere in which we learn together, spend time, and build the life and the career. In such an environment, children will grow and develop as well as remember the beautiful feeling we have awakened in them, and always will look forward to the next training.

Our philosophy is rather straight forward and based on the fact that we find the best way to get the full potential of each individual potential at Bozovic Tennis Academy, regardless of age, current tennis strength and skills.

The coaching method that we represent and which guides us, requires a lot of understanding for each player. It is essential to know how players feel at any time, in order to motivate and encourage them to use all their skills to the fullest in every moment spent on the court.

We take a very dedicated, personal, and professional approach to each player. Mutual trust and respect are a vital part of the coach-player relationship. A player has to trust the coach – every word, every act, every decision, and the coach is there to advise when and what to do with the player.

For this reason, Bozovic Tennis Academy is the right address, the right destination for those who want the best.


The players' success is the Academy's success! The entire work is based on the development of players and their long-term improvement, having perspective with continuous planning and analysis, making progress from training to training. That's why we are here – to provide each individual with the best possible conditions for development.

We strive for the development and continuous improvement of technical, tactical, physical and mental abilities for each player and create the space for work and progress, being careful not to reach the game limit too fast.

With the continuous improvement of our lives and knowledge, with endless energy and ambition, we will become greater and our players will not be just better but the best while growing up. We consider their success as ours and that’s the additional motivation for us. Without goals and motivation, there are no results – that's the secret of our success.


We strive to be the best at our job and that is the main reason Bozovic Tennis Academy exists! The programs we offer, the way we approach the tennis game are not only for our students but also for everyone who wants to: LEARN AND IMPROVE, become a true tennis champion, focus on a clear mission - to help the members of Bozovic Tennis Academy to always play their best tennis.

We constantly initiate each player to think how they can improve at every moment of the game – the same goes for everyone who works in the Academy. We constantly challenge players to stay focused on their goals and to think of ways to improve at all times, and that applies to our coaches as well.

We follow the Swiss Tennis Educational Program with the emphasis on constant improvement and excellent communication and relationships with the parents of our players who are just as important as the training on the court. We follow Swiss Tennis Educational Program which emphasizes constant and consistent improvement, excellent communication, as well as building strong relationships with players’ parents/families who are an important part of their development process.


Hone your skills! Be healthy and happy!