International tennis academy for all ages – Zürich, Switzerland

Why us?

Bozovic Tennis Academy is a group of professionals who are organized, focused, and committed to working on the game of each individual. What makes us stand out is a modern approach to the training itself, the most advanced methodologies, work programs, and development of each individual - up and coming juniors, amateurs, beginners, formed professionals...

We give our clients the opportunity to plan their careers very carefully in order to try to achieve their goals and dreams. By mutual agreement, we focus our vast experience on players' development planning. Each player has the potential, which we develop through our programs that will be suitable for each individual in particular. Furthermore, we help them form their own style, which will guide them to become perpetual problem solvers on the court. We always motivate players to try to reach their full potential.

Bozovic Tennis Academy programs are one of the strongest programs of its kind in Switzerland. With a large number of tennis players who have gone on to play in a variety of tournaments around the world, and a high-performance platform that gives our current players every opportunity to succeed, we are proud of the fine work we do.

At Bozovic Tennis Academy, we have a great team of experienced accredited coaches providing our tennis programs and tennis lessons at Schlieren (Zurich) in Switzerland, available 8 am – 10 pm, 7 days a week. The coaches’ schedules are staggered to enable us to have coaches available at the period of time that is suitable for you, which makes Bozovic Tennis Academy the best option for tennis lessons in Schlieren (Zurich).

Bozovic Tennis Academy is open to all players interested in developing their game. Whether you are an intermediate player seeking the skills that will improve your tennis or an advanced player aiming to fine-tune your performances, we have the program for you. Our advanced and elite programs are suitable for players searching for high development resulting in squad selection, playing careers, and competing at the state, national and international level.

All programs include and offer technical, tactical, mental, and physical parameters of work and development, detailed planning, and analysis of each individual.

Our training sessions are designed in accordance with Swiss Tennis tennis-specific procedures to ensure our players are offered the best preparation for their tennis careers. As such, Swiss Tennis Federation recognizes Bozovic Tennis Academy as one of the national leading tennis schools for the long-term athletic development of junior tennis players.

The High-Performance Junior Program is a full-time, all-inclusive tennis program that aims to deliver a superior methodology and holistic approach to tennis education, as well as Physical testing and individualized feedback.

The program is continually evolving to provide the most up-to-date in tennis training, using the latest technology and information in constant commitment and communication with parents, players, as well as between coaches themselves. Sports psychology, physiotherapy and tennis tactics, and tennis fitness are some of the key aspects of the intensive course. In addition, each player has a program specially designed for their skill sets and ability, ensuring their talent is honed to the maximum potential.

Our programs