International tennis academy for all ages – Zürich, Switzerland

Program description

This program offers one hour of off-court conversation with Bojan, where he shares his experiences (what he has gone through, seen, experienced, recorded, achieved...), gives pieces of advice, guides, shares information, and answers to each and every question that players, parents or coaches, clubs, academies have for him.

Questions are sent in advance.

Bojan works as a consultant in setting up systems in clubs, organizations, academies.

You can learn from him about:

- system set up;
- system set up principles;
- the analysis of the current state and the presentation of future steps;
- the maximization of potential of a club or academy;
- coaches education;
- mentoring coaches;
- specific strategies and tactics for coaches to conduct research that will be useful while working with players, and opportunities in tennis;
- how to deal with sponsorship;
- managing sports organizations;
- how leadership skills can be developed;
- coaching principles that cover the basics of coaching and athletic performance.