International tennis academy for all ages – Zürich, Switzerland

Program description

Do you want to get your kids playing tennis? Maybe they have seen you play and have become interested in learning the game? Tennis is a fantastic sport that has many physical and social benefits and welcomes people of all ages. Getting your kids involved in tennis lessons at Bozovic Tennis Academy is the perfect environment to develop their skills and love for the game.

In Bozovic Tennis Academy we offer a wide range of kids tennis lessons for kids of all ages and abilities. Whether your child had just started or is a little star in the making, we are here to help with the best junior tennis programs available in Switzerland. All our kids' tennis lessons emphasized experiencing fun, which means they are provided with the best possible experience.

In Bozovic Tennis Academy kids program we aim to introduce children to the game of tennis through fun, engaging, and challenging games and activities that are easily suited and adapted for a range of age groups and skill levels within the school environment. Our kids' program is designed to increase children participation and engagement in tennis by providing a quality introduction to the game.

Discovering the great sport is a great way for children to develop not only new skills and techniques, but also a perfect opportunity to build friendships and to learn other qualities such as teamwork, resilience, and concentration.


In Bozovic Tennis Academy, our experts are qualified and licensed coaches, who provide an ideal environment for learning the game.

Whether your child is young and has never picked up a racket before, or they’re slightly older and are looking forward to moving their game to the next stage, we’ll find the right level and help them to realize their potential whilst having plenty of fun.


Developing an interest in tennis from an early age can help children to nurture an interest that can be appreciated throughout life.

It’s also a game that the whole family can play together– whether that’s a friendly game on holiday, or a match which gets the competitive juices flowing – so having a solid foundation in the rules and techniques of the game will introduce to you a sport you can enjoy during the whole year.

It’s a great way to stay fit, too. Tennis has you constantly moving, twisting, turning, and using muscles across the whole of your body, so is great for cardiovascular fitness, as well as for boosting your strength and flexibility.

Program Tennis 10s

Tennis 10s is an International Tennis Federation program, which revolutionarily introduces: slow, less bouncing balls usage, shorter and lighter rackets as well as smaller courts. The concept is based on the idea to make it easier for children in order to start playing tennis.

The court, balls, and rackets size are in accordance with knowledge and age. It starts with a red level, which is followed by the orange one, and finally the green one.

The Kids Tennis program is designed to teach young children basic skills, coordination, and basic tennis stroke production in a fun and exciting environment. This is an introductory program for junior beginner players and focuses on basic strokes, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. It is an important introductory program as we start to develop the player’s skills sets and cherish awareness as they get ready to move successfully through the tennis developmental pathway. social, psychological, and physiological development.

Red Stage

Red court size: 3m × 8.2m or 5.5m x 8.2m

Tennis ball: Red ball (25 percent compression)

Through fun and enjoyable tennis games, they’ll learn basic skills, etiquette, and safety while playing and get to interact with other children of a similar age group and ability. This is an entry-level class where kids will learn the basics of tennis including rallying, basic scoring, serving, and understanding how to compete. It is perfect for all kids 5-8 years old of any level. Kids can join at any stage throughout the year. We grade the classes with lesson plans to help progress the kids and find their level. There is no rush to move kids out of the red ball to the next level. Sometimes they may stay in the red level for 3 years. Kids need to learn all the aspects of the game in an environment that is suited to their size and ability. Our red stage is also where we introduce the kids to in-house match play. This is a free addition to all the classes which gets them practicing what they learn in their lessons against other kids from the club in a fun, coach-supervised, team environment. We also have inter-club team events.

Orange Stage

Orange court size: 6.4m x 18.3m

Tennis ball: Orange ball (50 percent compression)

Our program follows the latest Swiss Kids Tennis format for age-appropriate tennis instruction and play. This format is a proven way to get young players to improve their technical skills quicker and to gain a greater understanding of the game while enjoying tennis for life. The main goal is to help kids learn basic movement skills using a positive and fun approach.

Green Stage

Green court size: 10.0m x 23.7m

Tennis ball: Green ball (75 percent compression)

The green ball program runs on the full court size using slightly softer balls so the bounce is not quite and the rally speed is slightly slower to make learning easier again. Moreover, it is more fun for kids. The general green ball program does not have any minimum playing standard and kids can join the program any time during the year. At this stage, players are taught about all the areas of the game both technical and tactical and are – hopefully – guided into playing in regular inter-club fixtures or in-house match play sessions. This program is designed for the more competitive green ballplayer. There is a minimum playing level required for this and it is expected that players have regular private lessons and compete in regular individual and team tournaments and events.

This program is specifically designed to create confident young tennis players and encourage them to see tennis as a life-long sport. Each child will learn in a relaxed and fun environment with a strong emphasis on interactive learning through target-based games. Using the kids’ tennis booklets, coaches track the progress of players each week. Furthermore, there is a possibility to continue learning at home.