International tennis academy for all ages – Zürich, Switzerland

Program description

It is a developmental program designed for those who want to raise their game to a higher level and improve their ranking. The program systematically covers all aspects that are important for your game and it consists of four competitor development periods (phases) – and each of them containing detailed and planned periodization.


- The main goal of Phase 1 is to teach children specific tennis skills related to basic sports skills from other sports, which directly affects the development of a player and will eventually help their tennis game
- Learning the on-court movement technique, which is the basic motor skill, and if it's not developed at this age - it threatens the players' ability to reach their full potential
- Technically - the play is being developed and built at a higher level and stronger pace, working on the mental aspect through training and drills
- Introduction to tactics and strategy

The program Phase 1 is something that we call “High Performance” and it equips players with a strong base from which a successful tennis career is built. Love towards tennis is fostered from day one, and skills in self-management and career management are instilled and encouraged. We have one overarching aim: to achieve their greatest potential in tennis. This is achieved through a system whereby each player is placed in their own tailored learning group and teamed with other students in similar handicap brackets during competitive training.

The modules cover skill components, core skill-testing procedures, drills, and reporting protocols.

This program enables our players to develop from young juniors into excellent tennis players, progressing into professional circuits.
- The main goal of Phase 2 is further development and consolidation of all techniques, responding to two critical periods in the physical development: an aerobic base and players' strength that depends on maturity level, not chronological age
- Players who miss this phase will never reach their full potential
- The mental aspects are highly expressed and taught through daily training and on-court situations, the focus is on mastering all tactical elements and strategies
- Phase 2 is the period when players find and accept a certain playstyle, which will be dominant throughout their tennis career

We named Phase 2 “Excellence” and it shares the same vision as the “High Performance” program, yet applies a different teaching and training formula to achieve success. All ability levels are catered for in the “Excellence” program, which aims to provide individual players with the opportunity to be the best tennis players they can be. The program allows a player time to achieve tennis and life balance. Leading tennis coaches from BTA design and implement individual tennis training for each player. An initial player profile forms the basis for the player's ongoing training and development across the physical, technical and psychological aspects of their game. Phase 2 provides a regular assessment of player progress, so players’ growth is always nurtured and their direction is continually monitored.