International tennis academy for all ages – Zürich, Switzerland

Dear all,

As a Founder and the Head Coach of Bozovic Tennis Academy, I would like to welcome you and give you some basic information about our Academy.

Bozovic Tennis Academy is an international, educational, professional institution established 16 years ago and located in Schlieren, Canton Zurich of Switzerland.

It’s a vibrant, healthy and progressive Club that thrives on providing enjoyable tennis playing opportunities. We encourage people of all ages, genders, and cultures to enjoy tennis and to take part in sports events while ensuring an enjoyable experience for members, families and audience.

The Academy comprises of top experts from Switzerland and other European countries. Our team is composed of former European, National champions and national team members. They are all licensed professionals with more than 10 years of coaching experience each. All of our coaches have gained a lot of life experience on and off the court all over the world during all these years.

Through the work with coaches, experts and specialists in each field, we constantly analyze our players.

We are able to provide high-quality instructions in a safe and friendly atmosphere with well-trained and highly motivated staff, to help athletes of every level reach their potential. Sport and recreation build stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities!

Join us to reach a better and healthier future together!

Welcome to the Bozovic Tennis Academy!

Short History

Bozovic Tennis Academy was founded on August 1st, 2008, in Belgrade, Serbia starting with the programs for the youngest tennis players and then continuing with the junior programs working with the best Serbian Juniors.

In April 2014, Bozovic Tennis Academy was relocated to Zurich, where we continued to work, develop and improve. During the same year, we started to work with top Swiss Juniors.

Today, we are the Academy with 412 members and among them the best juniors under 10,12, 14, 16 years old in Switzerland.

We are constantly expanding, innovating and developing active and competitive spirits focusing all our energy on improving the qualities of our players.

The concept of work for different categories

Bozovic Tennis Academy has a specific method of work. The close relationship between effort and achievement is what Bozovic Academy offers to those who choose to follow the difficult path. Our great advantage is high-intensity training, where we try to get the most out of each lesson.

Bozovic Tennis Academy is thrilled with the limitless possibilities that the future holds for us. We seek the benefit of our players and ensure that each practice, lesson, and game will be an experience to remember for a lifetime! Every program has been created, modified, and refined to achieve its intended purpose. Our goal for players is to experience a physical and mental transformation, which will take them to the next level, not just in tennis, but in all phases of life. Our members have the constant progress of experience in working with highly qualified staff, trained to teach tennis skills – mental, biomechanical, good life skills and values.

To see progress after each session, to have fun and a good time on the court during the working process

Our team is unique and well-known for exceptional organization, communication and joint analysis allowing us to find the optimal solution and help each client achieve their full potential.

Players can start training with us at a very early age. We have programs and private lessons running throughout the year. We also run programs for non-academy members, which are highly recommended by coaches - we run many camps and clinics throughout the year for players from 7 to 19 years old.

After analysis, we offer our clients a program that will be uniquely made for them and provide each player with the best possible options (the right amount of training and fitness, special diet, lessons, treatments...).

The main goal is that every player at Bozovic Academy develops the right attitude for winning and losing, understanding mistakes and the problems which tennis players, especially the young ones, may face during the development of their tennis career. Through the creative and dynamic training process the young players will develop the right values, gain the self-confidence, enjoy the game and learn the proper way to accept both victory and defeat in order to achieve their goals and dreams. In every match, whenever win or lose, they will do their best, learn lessons, improve themselves and choose the right way with our help - like champions. After each match, after each tournament, they will climb one step higher. The primary task of Bozovic Academy is to embed self-confidence and a belief in their achievements, independence, maturity, physical and psychological state, as well as the perception of the appropriate way to achieve the goal - to play and to live like a true champion!