International tennis academy for all ages – Zürich, Switzerland


Program description

This program is designed for adult tennis players. We offer the widest range of tennis programs and adult tennis lessons! Bozovic Tennis Academy is open to tennis players of all skills and abilities, and we are here to help you get your game to where you want! Accordingly, we don't just work with professionals, but also with those who play it for fun and recreation and want to improve their game!

After the first test training and analyzing the clients' previous results and game, we will determine which program suits them best and we will use specific drills to improve their skills. We'll show them how to use their potential using their natural style.

We also offer a lot of group training during the week and at weekends.

Take a look at our range of adult tennis lessons from beginners to experienced below to find what suits you.


- Fun - through points, interesting drills
- Technique - enabling beginners to learn the basics, proper biomechanics in order to correct errors
- Tactics and strategies - practicing certain situations, developing skills, preparing for matches and interclub
- Cardio training- energy consumption (for clients who sit a lot, who are under a lot of stress and have great responsibility at work, who are less active physically, such as managers, lawyers, bankers...).


Each week our expert coach will be holding clinics for tennis players of all abilities who need to specialize strokes from their game. Quite often, tennis players tend to spend too much time concentrating on their shots whilst neglecting the importance of the finer and specialized techniques and their role in shooting scores. These sessions are designed to give players the confidence required to get up and down from any situation with the vision of maximizing potential.
This series focuses on the full serve, game, and the important rules of tennis with the aim of getting you into the sport on a recreational or competitive level.

The objective of the Level 1 program is to develop the key tennis techniques and introduce you to all areas of the game. You will learn the necessities about tennis equipment and its uses, and rules, which will give you confidence while walking onto the 1st match. This program is designed to grow the long-term participation of players in the game of tennis by facilitating the game for beginners in a safe, friendly, and inclusive environment.
This program focuses on the further development of all areas of the game with the incorporation of video analysis and skills testing. By the end of this program, you will gain the expertise and knowledge required to pursue enjoyable recreational or competitive tennis. Level 2 is for tennis players, who do not only want to make technical improvements, but learn to cultivate the mindset of a professional on the tennis court.

Each coach of ours brings different qualities both in terms of playing and teaching experiences, enabling you to match a teaching professional to your needs and learning style most adequately.

Private tennis lessons with the best tennis coaches at Bozovic Tennis Academy are available for all levels of experience and may be scheduled whenever it is convenient to you. Our lessons are available 364 days per year.